07 Mar 2017

You can already taste the Esmeralda in La Chula Chamberí

La Esmeralda to the cuisine of the Chula incorporated Chamberí, ¨neotaberna¨ reputed one of the district castizo Chamberi in Madrid, It is offering portions of traditional cuisine in a modern place that celebrates the culinary culture of the tavern http://lachuladechamberi.blogspot.com/

09 Aug 2016

Great success of our special edition bottles last weekend at Tapearte

Last weekend Tapearte guys have offered their customers our new special edition bottles commemorating the 125 th anniversary of the brand with a complete success. They presented the bottle with a practical cooler bag that the client at the end brought home with the bottle as a souvenir.

05 Aug 2016

New special edition bottle 125 th anniversary

On 28 th of February 1891 the registration of the brand ¨La Esmeralda¨ is published, with the design of a bottle with cork cap and as logo , one B and H intertwined.. 125 years later we wanted to pay tribute to this moment with this 75 cl special edition bottle 75 crown cap and wax sealed printed with a reproduction of the advertising that on those early days was published at the local press.  

23 Jun 2016

Presentation and tasting at La Taberna del Marqués

This time we presented La Esmeralda to its natural parishioners, surrounded by good old valencian friends, ¨lo millor esta per aplegar¨the best is yet to come

18 Jun 2016

Launch and tasting at La Peseta Doña Casilda

Fun party in La Peseta where we present in society to La Esmeralda, surrounded by good friends.